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Undercarriage Products for All Makes

SMS Equipment offers undercarriage and undercarriage components for most makes and models and can fully support your undercarriage needs.

  • Undercarriage and components are stocked at many SMS Equipment branches or nearby Parts Distribution Centers (PDC)
  • SMS Equipment can help you better manage your undercarriage maintenance and minimize replacement costs with our Track Management System and regular undercarriage inspections
  • Track presses, available at many SMS Equipment branches, can repair your undercarriage or perform a pin and bushing turn by cost-effectively replacing only parts which need to be replaced
  • OEM and all-makes undercarriage are covered by manufacturer’s warranty
  • Undercarriage for all makes and models: Caterpillar, Deere, Hitachi, Volvo, Kobelco, LinkBelt... and more!
Built with the highest quality for demanding applications

BERCO Original Undercarriage

Berco Original undercarriage products have the right answer for your specific requirements. Superior engineering, innovative technology, comprehensive know-how and state-of-the-art manufacturing guarantee the highest quality of products and services.

  • Consistent high-quality material
  • In-house forging and heat treatment
  • Warranty: Up to 3 years | 4,000 hours against manufacturer’s defects and workmanship, whichever occurs first

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BERCO Original Construction Range Products

BERCO Original Construction Range Products

Berco Construction Range offers a resistant, durable and affordable set of solutions for your UC needs for 7 to 50-ton track-type machines with 140-228.6 mm (5.5”-9”) chain pitch.

  • Dry, greased, sealed or lubricated and heavy duty chains, available in more than 11,000 configurations
  • All configurations available with single, double, and triple grousers
  • Cast, forged or fabricated idler types, available in more than 500 configurations
  • Single, double or inner flange rollers, available in more than 1,500 configurations
  • More than 600 configurations of sprockets and segments
  • Low and high-temperature versions for extreme applications
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  • Wide product range for all machine makes
  • Minimized cost per hour
  • Durability and best performance in the most demanding applications
  • Cost-competitive
  • High-performing
BERCO Original Mining Range Products

BERCO Original Mining Range Products

Berco Original Mining Products offer an efficient, reliable and full-lifecycle range of solutions for open-pit mining, quarrying and high-volume earthmoving operations, for tracked machines ranging from 50 to 400 tons with 240-395 mm (9”+ to 15”+)  chain pitch.

  • Dry, greased, sealed & lubricated chains - Forged shoes for heavy-duty applications
  • Track chains for special applications: large conveyor systems, pipeline handling, drilling machines, etc.
  • Track chains with BPR2™ (Berco Pin Retention 2), which improves the working lifetime of the components
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BERCO Service Line Undercarriage Products
The perfect balance between value and performance

BERCO Service Line Undercarriage Products

Designed for the best total cost of ownership. The Berco Service Line is the preferred option for less demanding applications and offers best value for money. Known as the leading designer and builder of tailored undercarriage systems for OEMs, our experts engineered this new line of products with the task to meet all your technical needs and create value for your company. With 100 years of experience, our team of engineers confirm once more their ability to guarantee the highest quality standards at the lowest operating costs.

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Superior Options for 16-22T Excavators
  1. BERCO Service Line designed and approved at Berco Italy

  2. Same bolt hole pattern for interchangeable shoes

  3. Available with press-fit and t-type master pin

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